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Online study is the choice for many people who want to choose when and where they study. All AIE courses are available for online study: whether you are looking to learn more about the fundamentals of games and film or looking at getting qualifications, knowledge and industry skills to pursue a career.

AIE’s Online Campus spontaneously burst into existence in late 2012 as a dedicated effort to develop and bring AIE’s Online courses, which have been running since 2005, to a worldwide audience. The Online Campus is staffed by friendly and outgoing people who make every effort to inject the AIE experience into all communication and course delivery.  All of our teachers are driven, passionate and experienced educators.

Our Administration team is experienced in online correspondence and communication, and we endeavour to get students sorted into the course of their choice as smoothly as possible. We ensure they are equipped with all the required documents via email and software which is posted to each enrolled student.

The Online Campus offers a range of courses specialising in game development, game design, 3D animation and programming. The courses are taught in virtual classrooms via Adobe Connect and there are flexible options for those who are too busy to keep to a study schedule. Simply let us know what your study goals are and we will work to fit your needs as best we can.

If you are a high school teacher and are interested in us arranging catered courses for your school, we can operate the course for you, or we can train you to deliver the course to your class.

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