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Founded in 1996

AIE has gained much recognition as a leading educator for game development and 3D animation

Multiple Award Winners

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) is Australia’s most awarded 3D animation, game design and visual FX educator.

Industry Veteran Teachers

Nurturing the practical skills and experience required to succeed

Global Educator

In addition to Online AIE has 5 physical campuses in Australia and 2 in the US

One of our Superstars

Andrew Farrell is an AIE Alumni and has been working at Bioware in Canada for the past 7 years, starting as a Junior Level Artist and progressing to his current position as a Senior Artist. We caught up with Andrew as he was working on the last instalment of the Dragon Age franchise.

See more Alumni vidoes here

Game Art and VFX for Film

3D Animation & Film Effects

Written in consultation with leading film and visual effects studios, this course enables you to complete impressive film projects that showcase your skills and create an impressive show-reel to impress potential employers.

Game Art and Animation

Game Art & Animation

Game artists build the environments, create the characters and craft the vehicles for the games that you love to play. They can specialise in modelling, texturing, animation and level design. Game art development is a dynamic medium to showcase your creative ability.

Game Programming

Game Programming

Game Programmers drive the game development process; creating the framework, functionality and interaction in the game. Regarded as an essential ingredient in the development process, game programmers are highly valued and continually in demand.

Game Programming

Game Design and Production

Game designers are the visionaries and evangelists for a game development project. They thrive on new ideas and are always thinking about how users will interact and enjoy the experience that they’ve created.


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